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exties is a scripted sex comedy series created by and starring real life ex-spouses Mara Marini (NBC's Parks & Recreation, ABC's black-ish) and Sean Wing (HBO's Hello Ladies, ABC's The Whole Truth).




This "ripped from the headlines" comedy series showcases an evolved, millennial relationship which is the definition of exties. Don't we all have someone we wish we could have forgone our egos for and became exties?



exties is a scripted sex comedy series created by and starring Mara Marini (NBC's Parks & Recreation, ABC'S black-ish) and Sean Wing (HBO's Hello Ladies, ABC's The Whole Truth).

Mara plays an endlessly aspiring actress whose sweet and vibrant attitude towards her career and others is countered by her shockingly vulgar and brutally honest behavior with her ex-husband, Sean. Sean considers himself an "entrepreneur" in the digital world even though he can't get a single concept off the ground.

Though they were once married, their proclivity in partners is vastly different; Mara chooses 6'5" hulkish Hollywood He-Men and Sean prefers Silverlake women in sundresses and ukuleles. What truly binds them together is they genuinely trust, rely on and love one another in a city where forging such alliances can prove difficult.

As their lives collide in hilarious and surprising ways, both as the characters and in real life, this "ripped from the headlines" comedy series showcases an evolved, millennial relationship which is the definition of exties. Don't we all have someone we wish we could have forgone our egos for and became exties?

The Real Mara and Sean


Mara and Sean met in college at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Mara had an immediate crush on Sean, but he didn't know she existed. At graduation, Mara finally got the courage to make her move when she followed Sean into the bathroom and kissed him. They became inseparable after that. Three years after they met, two years into their relationship and a year into living together, Sean and Mara (a Canadian citizen whose visa was running out), decided to tie the knot in Las Vegas at the Garden of Love, next to The World's Largest Gift Shop.  Mara was surrounded by three friends, her parents, her chihuahua and wore a "wedding dress" that she purchased at Express in the Sherman Oaks Galleria. Yes, after a year of living in sin she still had the audacity to wear white. Sean, shaking like a leaf but committed in his resolve, looked on as his showgirl chic bride walked down the sequined aisle with a bouquet of flowers that had been spray painted gold by the chapel.


Their dynamic is no different today than how it was then and how it is written in the show - they just used to have sex. ("Not very often", according to Mara. "Plenty", according to Sean.) Toward the end of their relationship (Sean needed to "find himself", says Mara and/or "explore the internet without Mara's parental controls", says Sean), they realized they married much too young. Sean felt liberated after leaving what he likens to "North Korea" or as Mara calls it, the "sweet embrace of my bosom". Mara took it much harder and did not want anything to do with Sean ever again.


After dyeing her hair and sleeping with a bunch of hot guys, Mara realized she missed the womanly, clammy touch of Sean's grubby fingers. After two years of minimal contact, their relationship took a turn for the better when Mara called Sean to tell him she booked a recurring role on Amy Poehler's Parks and Recreation and Sean cried. His tears of joy exposed how much he cares about her and how they truly are family. Their relationship may be peculiar to outsiders, but once you get to know them, it all makes sense. More than exes who are friends, more than best friends, more than brother and sister, because they chose each other, they are exties.

Sean Wing

(written by Mara Marini)

Sean Michael Wing was born to perform and his mother befittingly went into labour with him at Circus, Circus in Las Vegas, where she was working as a dance instructor. He spent a lot of time at his mother's dance studio and later started singing and modeling. His first professional photo shoot had him shirtless and an angel wings. He landed his first TV role when his adorable grandmother wrote a letter to CBS' Touched by an Angel as to why they should hire him. Thus began his professional acting career with the legendary line, “An old dude is still a dude, dude.“ (Seriously. That was his line.) After attending the Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts, he was accepted into the American Academy of Dramatic Arts where he met the love of his life, his inspiration and muse, Mara Marini. Mara first noticed Sean when he was performing a scene, shirtless and in tighty whities, which she was studiously examining to confirm whether he stuffed or had to “fold“ his package to get everything in there…but back to Sean's bio! His vocal skills paid off after the Academy when he was offered a spot in the Sony Music boyband, Fource. Their first music video was a remake of Wouldn’t It Be Nice by the Beach Boys where they danced in a jail cell and fishnet tank tops and then on the beach, shirtless, of course. He spent two years traveling the world with his band, shirtless video after shirtless concert after shirtless interview, but returned to Los Angeles and plunged himself into acting, immediately landing great guest star roles, while supplementing his income working at a gay bar (shirtless, of course). He worked his way up to series regular in television (ABC's The Whole Truth), Broadway (American Idiot) and films (Disney’s You Again). He continues to act and write music and now resides in Silverlake…and comes over to Hollywood to annoy Mara on the regs. 

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Mara Marini

(written by Sean Wing)

Mara Alina Marini got the acting bug at a very early age (there’s been much speculation but some say even before birth). Born in Winnipeg, Canada to two supportive and loving parents, she developed her acting chops in school plays like Oklahoma! playing the supporting role of 80 Annie. It should be noted that Sean played Curly the lead, in his school’s production. Proving the relationship was destiny, fate, kismet…and that school plays really come down to three titles. She attended an all girls school and after plenty of sexy lesbian sexperimentation (unconfirmed) she decided the small town could not contain the massive star that she was and she headed to Hollywood to find her light. She was accepted to the American Academy of Dramtic Arts where she met Sean. (It should be noted that I’ve never stuffed my underwear in any of the shows I’ve done.) She would continue to get bigger and bigger roles until completing the program with much adoration and adulation. It was looking like the fates were aligning for this aspiring starlet and before long she was already starring in terrible straight-to-DVD horror flicks. A bunch of them. For years… Yes. It’s hard. It’s a hard industry. You guys know this. But Mara is and has always been funny as fuck and has the biggest heart and if Hollywood took a while to recognize it… Well… I suppose I forgive him. But she finally caught the eye of one of Hollywood’s comedy elite, Amy Poehler, who continued to write Mara’s beloved character, Brandi Maxxxx, into more seasons of one of the decades best comedies, Parks and Recreation, with Mara’s portrayal of Brandi making many lists of best recurring P&R characters. She continues to act and write and now resides in Hollywood…and lets Sean come over to annoy her on the regs. 

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